Free 320 from Zombie-J for new MalLabel Music Release

Ceeker - Body Rocker

The guys over from MalLabel Music sent us a free 320 for the upcoming release of Ceeker’s Body Rocker on September 7th 2kX. The free tune is HEXADEX by Zombie-J. Give sum propz and watch out for the release!

EP Tracklist & Download:

01 Body Rocker
02 Body Rocker (Dr. Knobz & Carly D Remix)
03 Body Rocker (Zeno Remix)
04 Hexadex (Bonus track)
05 Body Rocker (Mycho Pan Cocoa & El Diablo Remix)
06 Body Rocker (El Diablo & Zombie-J Remix)
07 Body Rocker (Skulltrane Remix)

safe ass

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