Mr. Boogie – “Woodpecker” EP Release + Free 320

Woodpecker EP Release

MalLabel Music is proud and excited to bring you a choice EP from one of Europe’s most talented up and coming dubstep producers: Mr. Boogie. The Woodpecker EP is a great example of Boogie’s upbeat and freshly funky sound. “Woodpecker” is fiery and full of manic energy, and “Make Ya Face Crack” (available for free download) is an explosive number that will shred the dance!


1] Mr Boogie – Make Ya Face Crack [Free 320 Exclusively Available through MalLabel Music]
2] Mr Boogie – Woodpecker (Skulltrane & Blackheart Remix) [$1]
3] Mr Boogie – Woodpecker [$1]
4] Mr Boogie – Woodpecker (Zombie-J Remix) [$1]
5] Mr Boogie – Woodpecker (El Diablo Remix) [$1]
Whole EP [$3]

get it here

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